Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 14-Feb-2023
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An eBay purchase Jan 2023.
I do like these bikes, very quirky. I found this original release from the early to mid 1990's for a good price which came with the correct miniature radio gear. Banzai Hobbies provided most of the hop up parts, and I think I've got all the Kyosho ones, plus the GPM oval washers (fixes a weakness on the bike) and some bearings, not pictured. Then I found the Xtra Speed alloy wheel/ single sided swing arm set at RC Mart, which looks like an interesting aftermarket part, and very high quality by the looks of it.

I've also added a couple of extracts from the build manual to show the equivalent Tamiya paint colours for a box art look, including their equivalent of Rothmans blue. It turns out that back in the day, Tamiya made a static model of this bike, and having found an original manual, it had all the paint codes in it.

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Very cool looking kit! looks good quality!

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