Model: (Click to see more) 58076: Vanquish
Status: Restored
Date: 26-Feb-2023
Comments: 3
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Restored and hopped up this Vintage Vanquish.

Added a kit of High Caps, designed my own version of G11 and a front shock tower that fits the High Caps (made from printed circuit board material). The lexan body is still the original one. Paint stripping was easily done and with some repro decals and new tires it is a very nice car now.

2 1 special front shock tower ( Aluminium + FR4) 1 1 self desigend G11 replacement (Aluminium + FR4) 1 1 1 this is how it looked like when I got it




What a result from the initial base! Great one! What manufacturer is the green Aluminum shock tower in the first pic? I donĀ“t think I ever saw one like this! And clever combination of FRP and Aluminum sheets for your parts. Gets the best properties of both materials in the construction!



Fantastic job! Looks fantastic!



The green shock tower on the first pics is the 3D printed mockup parts to test the geometry before ordering the final parts... Did some test driving with the 3d printed version, they work but I would not risk a crash. If someone wants the parts I can share the Stl, Dxf or Gerber files to get them manufactured, milled or 3d printed.

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