Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: New built
Date: 4-Mar-2023
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Bought 2020 with hop ups, dismantled, now rebuilt to standard spec.
So this is another showroom entry for what is a very rare Thunder Tiger kit. Based on the manual, these came factory built as the instructions primarily refer to how to add and connect the steering and throttle/brake servos, and the separate instructions for the body. The car, which is ball-raced as standard, came to me with upgrades such as front and rear Tamiya FRP damper stays and universal shafts. It wasn't quite built correctly in some areas, and had not been fully completed, so it was dismantled fully 3 years ago, then put away. I've merely returned it now to its original specification as I will use the hop ups for other projects. It's a lovely bit of kit, and the body which has been cut out needs finishing, which is not something I'll do. I suspect I will probably sell this on as it would be nice if someone actually finished it off, and even ran it!

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Original showroom entry from March 2020: [Click here]
Another showroom entry just showing the built Thunder Tiger conversion kit without the TA02 parts: [Click here]

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