Model: (Click to see more) 58517: Super Hotshot 2012
Status: Project
Date: 9-Mar-2023
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In order to convert the Supershot chassis into a proper monster truck, I wanted the shocks to sit higher than stock. I wanted the them to sit so they filled the wheel arches of the Beetle, just like the front of the Monster Beetle. So I needed taller shock towers,
I was inspired by the Nissan King Cab for its shock towers. Its front tower is a 3-part deal that is screwed together and onto the chassis. I did a similar design on the BUGSHOT. For the rear tower I did a slightly more sculptured design since the tower needed to mount to the Supershot gearbox which has some odd mounting stays. The Supershot has the rear shocks mounted on the rear of the suspension arms which looked wrong when the Beetle body was mounted. I therefore moved the shocks to the front of the suspension arms and by that the shocks now sat much better in the rear wheel arches.
The shocks are original Supershot shocks that I extended 35mm by adding bottom rod extensions, so that they now sit high above the wheels, inside the wheel arches. This setup will have to prove its qualities once I get the truck running. Alternatively, I will have to make new shock mounts on the upper suspension arms.
I made sure that both towers had room for mounting the body-mounts. For this I of course looked at the Monster Beetle for inspiration. As this design and printing process went along I also learned a thing or two about 3D printing, since I only got myself a 3D printer a few month ago. All the parts has been printed using PETG which is plenty strong, impact resistant and heat resistant. Also it does not warp over time as some other filaments.

The rear bumper is a mix of the Monster Beetle guard/plate and the more realistic looking Sand Scorcher bumper. It has a plate for a logo just like the Monster Beetle, just a tiny bit smaller. For the front bumper I tried to design something a bit more BAJA bug style with the two extra superbrights sitting inside protected. A bit like the original Monster Beetle, a bit more like the real Baja racers.

Now I will start on the decals and also painting the body shell.


7 Front 3/4 BUGSHOT chassis 4 Rear 3/4 BUGSHOT chassis 4 3-part rear shock tower design 2 3-part front shock tower design 2 Rear bumper is also 3-part assembly 3 Wheel base is a few mm longer than org. MB 3 Rear bumper fills the gap nicely 2 Really love the stance and look 3 3D visual of shock tower assemblies



Be interesting to see where the wheel positions are when suspension is fully compressed. Great looking project though.



Beautiful! Really cool done, looks so factory like! Stance is upper cool, even with the extended wheelbase. This must be a good runner, Cog should be better than on the original MB. What also helps them against flipping is heavy wheels. I put Aluminum wheels on my original Monster Beetle, which makes it superior compared to my nephews Beetle. reagarding driving stability. So you can add some lead weights inside the wheels if you want a real performer. Keen on the final result, it will be so cool!



Oh man this is some serious great work! Looks so cool! Love it



Nice idea and great work.

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