Model: (Click to see more) 47433: Toyota Supra Racing (A80)
Status: NIB
Date: 11-Mar-2023
Comments: 2
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My racer for the Tamiya Classic Challenge @ Tamiya Eurocup Austria

TB01 with only few Hopups to comply the rules. Torque Tuned Motor with max 6.2 gearing, hw1060 esc, max 4000mah stickpack, 26mm Standard slicks or x-pattern tires

Allowed Chassis Ta01-03, TL01, TB01.
Allowed bodies: Porsche 911GT1, Mercedes CLK GTR, Toyota Supra A80, Nissan Skyline R32 all with Original Spoilers

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very nice. love the color



Thanks- it's a mixture of ps7 and ps24 with ps55 from outside

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