Model: (Click to see more) 58395: Durga
Status: New built
Date: 13-Mar-2023
Comments: 4
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Here's the full spec:

Durga (although I don't think there is anything left of that now!)
DB01RR Chassis
Alloy Heatsink
2x Alloy suspension blocks
Alloy steering posts
Alloy motor mount
TA05 carbon battery plate
Carbon reinforced A, D, L, M parts
TRF501x C parts
TRF501x E parts
TRF501x F parts
TRF501x R parts
Carbon front damper stay
Carbon rear damper stay
2x Alloy damper bushings
TRF501x stabiliser set
TRF501x front one way
Alloy front one way pulley
Alloy centre one piece pulley
TRF501x belt tensioners
2x reinforced drive belts
Gear diff in rear
Two way centre slipper clutch
Double cardan driveshafts front
Double cardan driveshafts rear
Alloy turnbuckles for steering
Hard turnbuckles for camber etc
Front and rear alloy suspension mounts
Titanium suspension shafts
Fluorine coated hex head ball nuts
Fluorine coated ball connectors
Fluorine coated suspension balls
Full set of hex head screws
Alloy steering set
Alloy serrated wheel nuts
Alloy wheel hub nuts
Thin alloy nuts (for dampers)
Alloy servo mounts
Alloy servo horn
Alloy servo cap
Big bore aerated dampers
Alloy caster blocks
Alloy rear hub carriers
DB-01RR white dish hex wheels
C spec tyres
TRF wing
TRF C decals
Body painted by AttackRC
Team Orion Vortex 5,5T Ultimate Modified 540 LW
SkyRC Toro 120A black alloy competition version
Savox SC1258TGB Black Edition servo

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Lovely bit of kit!



That is the ultimate Durga, love it



Very cool , must have costs a fortune ..



haha! Thanks @jycm3. I could tell you, but then I'd probably get killed by my wife, so I'll claim ignorance on that one!

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