Model: (Click to see more) 58692: Mercedes-Benz Unimog 406 Series U900
Status: Project
Date: 18-Mar-2023
Comments: 3
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My take on a Monster Beetle on the CC02 chassis project.

The Monster Beetle really is an iconic car. The colors are so unique, quirky and screams 80s. To be honest, I've never like the ORV chassis it came with, I find the MB body looks so out of place on the ORV chassis. As it shares too much similarities with the Frog.
I have this CC02 Unimog chassis since Covid 2021 and it impressed me a lot on its capabilities and performance, Great suspension travel and articulation. also the plastics are more to the tougher nylon type and high in quality. It was my only runner truck during the long lockdown.

Anyways, about the project. I really like to keep the character and aesthetics as much like the original MB with a modernized chassis.
The new parts and mods used with MB body,
Front and rear body mounts are made from 1mm thick aluminum.
Front spotlights from buggy champ (smaller than the original)
Rear bumper/bash guard from 1mm thick polycarbonate.
Gold alloy wheels (no name brand from China)
Tyres from Tamiya High Lift truck series.
Buggy Champ rear antenna.
Springs painted in yellow.
MB rere body painted in TS8 Italian red box art.
Clear plastic window from Sand Scorcher.

I really like the end result of this built. One of my favorites.

Thanks for viewing.

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Love it! Great job!



Not a great fan of the MB generally but this looks really good. More purposeful and less goofy!!!



Thanks for the comments guys. it crawls like a beetle now.

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