Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 29-Mar-2023
Comments: 4
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This is a MK2 that I put together using some vintage hop ups and modern parts. AR Products shock towers, cooling head and steering bell crank, re-release Optima hard suspension arms and steering knuckles. I also converted to clamping wheel hexes using re-release Optima axles running Egress wheels with Schumacher tires. The body is a TBG MK1 which I prefer over the MK2 and I didn't have to modify it to fit around the front shock tower. . . It also shows off the cooling head better compared to the 2. As for the wing, it's a re-release Javelin with some overly complicated bent wing wire because I didn't want to cut the body since the body was taken from my MK1 for the pics. LoL




Cool looking thing!



Thanks Mad-Bee!



Wow, this looks so cool!! Awesome job. Really love the vintage look of it. Did you take it out for a spin? How does it perform?



Moroyamita- No, it’s just a shelf queen at the moment.

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