Model: (Click to see more) 58046: Fast Attack Vehicle
Status: New built
Date: 10-Apr-2023
Comments: 5
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I am considering selling my unpainted and unused FAV. I had every intention of painting it but as there can't be many unpainted and unused FAV's around, I have left it as it is.
I did pay a fair chunk for it, probably more than it's worth, but it's hard to gauge it's value when there's not many the same available.
If anyone is interested in buying it, you can send me a personal message and we could discuss it. I can send more pictures etc.

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I would keep it! Don't see many like this as you said but l would not be able to stop myself completing it!

hot rod


I'm lucky to also own a complete unused and unpainted F.A.V . It is in perfect condition and I'm keeping it in as built condition so staying bare with no paint or decals. Also have a 2nd unpainted used one too.



Mad-Bee & Hot Rod: I couldn’t bring myself to painting it, but I like the idea of having a second FAV that is painted sitting next to it.



Defo keep it and a brave move not to paint it, but I would leave it like that. A true vintage Tamiya Icon !



Kyoshocope - I haven’t listed it for sale, I thought if someone messaged wanting to buy I’d sell it but I don’t intend on listing it at this point.
Problem is I’d need another one so I can have a painted one lol.

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