Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 21-May-2023
Comments: 2
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My latest toy car purchase.....probably my last for a while as I need a bigger house!!!!!

For this price point I think these are superb value for money. I love the tyre roar at 50+ mph.....maybe noisier than the Kronos due to the tyre nobbles.....very amusing truck!

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Bit of a beast that Simon!

HornetRacer 1971


You are correct as usual James.....the Punisher and the Kronos are well specified and capable machines. I have pre-loaded the front shocks up as far as I dare to go, and under braking she pulls an endo with the rear axle in the you can wheelie AND endo......very amusing....haha

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