Model: (Click to see more) 99983: Associated
Status: Restored
Date: 22-May-2023
Comments: 3
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Sometimes you just have to be lucky!.
This truck was a raffle prize on the forums, as part of a funding drive. Built by resident expert Jason C / scr8p, this is a perfect shelfer truck, that I feel shocked to have won!
In Jason's words: It's a 10t Sport. All original parts were dyed black. Chassis and nose plate were cleaned up a bit and re-anodized. New hardware, full bearings. Lunsford Punisher titanium turnbuckles with new ball cups. New, painted Jconcepts body, and new wheels and tires.
Certainly it's a nice truck.... possibly too nice for me, but I guess we'll see. First up is to get a gear cover, then maybe some chassis protection, just in case I get the hankering to run it. This was supposed to be my 2023 Vintage Bash race truck, but I'm thinking it may be a bit too good for me to bash into things.

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That's a fantastic truck. Jason has done an amazing job with the chassis build and finishing the body.
It's much nicer than any of my vintage trucks so I'd find it difficult to drive that one. Probably better to find a well used beater truck to bash.
Anyway congrats for winning the raffle!



Wow, stunning mate, congrats on winning it. Its a good looking thing for sure



Thanks guys, I feel very humble to have it in my collection. It's certainly much nicer than my usual beaters.

Jason and the 10Talk team did a great job with building it up, from repurposed, refurbished, and donated parts.

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