Model: (Click to see more) 44032: TG10R Chassis Kit
Status: NIB
Date: 22-May-2023
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Sourced all parts from Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Bought this as an non-factory assembly kit. Seller sourced all parts (95%) to build a TG10R. It came with the FS12R and some upgrades that you didn't get with the factory kit. TGX ball differential and the TRF Fluorine coated dampers and an aftermarket black manifold and single chamber pipe. Decided to go with the TM-8 so I could do the side exhaust on the SC430.

Body is the Kyosho SC430 Open Interface finished to box art. It's pretty amazing. Used Tamiya Metallic Silver Chrome (PS48) which has to be backed in PS5. It's gorgeous and matches the real touring car. Decals were not too bad. Had to paint several areas PS2 as well. Waited a few months to mentally prepare for this one and it turned out pretty good. Whew!

Has never been started but it's ready to rip.

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That looks amazing.....and fast!

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