Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Jun-2023
Comments: 5
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I'm sure many of you are already familiar with KYOSHO Mini-Zs (KYOSHO's 1/28 scale RCs).
These 'First Mini-Z' series are the entry level RTRs 'supposed' to be sold only in Japan.
Yet I see them throughout the Asia anyway.

Well, these are just plain entry level RTR for younger ones, I mean really young ones.
The price for these RTRs range from $50~70 USD all ready to run indoor.
$70 is like the price of a normal KYOSHO Mini-Z body so it's very affordable.
Comes with a fine looking body, a chasses, a radio plus some cars with lights.

Normal Mini-Zs require 4 AAAs for the car and another 4 for its radio.
However this 'First Mini-Z' series require 2 AAs for the car and another 2 for its radio.

Of course the speed is much slower than normal Mini-Z,
the manual says no proportional steering, however it works better than your expectation.
Bodies look fantastic and even comes with some lights as well.
Some cars come with both head and tail lights, but in this specific body only comes with head lights.

I do have some normal high-end Mini-Zs, but you can drive these First Mini-Zs with peace of mind.
Anywhere and anytime. Oh and these 'First Mini-Z' bodies do work on normal Mini-Zs.

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Very cool little thing Ben!



Thank you James~ Have been a bit lazy building TAMIYA cars these days. Yes these little things are fun to play around indoors.



Yeah for sure Ben we all have lazy periods in the hobby and life in general can take over sometimes but it will come back to you buddy.



Thank you James, Korea has just started its rainy season and it will last usually over 3 weeks. So it's my break for painting Tamiya bodies. I will continue to build some chassis which I've started many months ago but yes it will be slow a couple of months.

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