Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Restored
Date: 3-Oct-2003
Comments: 3
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This Car was Ordered from the Americas Model Show in Toledo In 1976 so this car is one of the first production models to come from
Japan. The car was built ( in the same year ) but not painted or decalled . It had only been run a few times, then spent 26 years on a shelf in New York USA. The Chassis has been stripped the tyres have been replaced and period Acoms Radio Gear fitted. It is now fully working. The Body was fully stripped and rebuilt using the original Body parts. The body was sprayed and the 26 year old original Decals applied and clear coated, then polished with fine Micromesh to give the body a glass finish.
The number '9' car was modelled as the number '5' decals were badly marked. I have done some research into this car and number '9' didn't have the orange front spoiler markings, so these have not been painted on my 934.

1 1 1 934 untouched for 26 years before restoration




very nice finish



A truely stunning example Rad. Your attention to detail is breath taking. Yet another Awesome restoration, you really know how to bring out the best in all of your projects. Well done Greatmate, here's another one of your cars that I'll be drawling over!!



This is a beautiful restoration. I have been getting really interested in the original porsche 934. I have to have one in my collection. Or two

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