Model: (Click to see more) 99972: Tyco
Status: Other
Date: 8-Jul-2023
Comments: 1
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Yes I love tamiya but my first love from a kid was Tyco RC cars. I couldn't afford hobby grade cars so Tyco was the cars in most kids homes that couldn't afford their favorite tamiya cars. This is one of my favorite RC cars the extremely rare TYCO SUPER BANDIT! This is one of the last tyco cars in the bandit series and yes it is the fastest Tyco RC truck ever made. Just thought I would share.

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Cool to see them love the colour schemes and totally understand your passion for Tyco its so true most of us did not start out with these expensive tamiya's and kyoshos!
Mine was a silver Lamborghini from Tandy,
Radio Shack and as it comes l actually recently found one again online. Well of course I purchased it! I can't wait to see one again its in the post at the moment. One massive hit of nostalgia coming soon!

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