Model: (Click to see more) 58721: Fiat Abarth 1000TCR Berlina Corsa
Status: New built
Date: 20-Aug-2023
Comments: 5
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It has been a long time. A Tamiya M-chassis build! Amazed by the design and engineering!

2 1 1 1 1 Masking Rear lamps 2 Surgery 1 Done with clear lens 2

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It’s a stunning model in my opinion !



Been waiting to see one of these built.... will get one eventually, when the newness has passed. Look forward to seeing what you do with the body, your impressions of driving it, and whether you think it is conceivable to switch between FWD and RWD - is it easy enough, or a large job?



Not the standard shocks and ball bearings I presume, any other hop-ups? I assume this is 210mm wheelbase, do you have to switch the servo 180° if you go to 239mm wheelbase or is there an optional servo link? Nice piece of engineering as far as I can see.



I haven't driven it yet, but I am going to when I finish the Fiat Body!
As for the change, it is an interesting chassis changing FWD to RWD(MWD)
Tamiya made everything modular front/rear arms and uprights are the same.
Wheelbase is based on extending or compacting the 2 part chassis with an added brace.
And Yes you can move the steering rack around and they provide 2 sets of steering rods for near/far steering.



Any details on the lenses and taillights you used? Great work, will add so much realism to this stunning body!

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