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Date: 7-Sep-2023
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So I been searching for years for picture frame that will fit Tamiya Hilux 4x4, Blazing Blazer, Original Bruiser and Mountaineer kit box cover. But nothing available off the shelf at the stores and customize frame are $$$ That is until now. Folks I want to share with you that you can get Ikea Ribba picture frame24x35' for only $25 (I seen them on sale go for $16) The mat/matte or mount for you folks in UK, is almost perfectly cut out for the Tamiya box art. you need to trim about 1cm on each side to make it perfect. and you're done! Please note : mine has not trimmed yet to show how it is without cutting the mat. The plastic protection film and corner cardboard has not been removed yet. I will do so when I find a more permanent place for it. It's not for everyone who wants to cut their vintage box like this. I did it due to sides of the box was damaged and also due to lack of space, so this was perfect solution to hang it on the wall.


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