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Status: Project
Date: 11-Sep-2023
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Got the Vintage Bash Version 2 happening in a few months, so thought I'd better start building up a race truck from my Schumacher Shotgun / Storm / Nitro 10 parts pile.... but then this popped up on eBay, and my plans changed!
Truck in question is an ASSociated Rc10T3 race truck. Judging by the shocks and the manual, its a Team kit, which is a great place to start... and pretty much where my build ends! I see no reason to upgrade this needlessly, as I'm just going to bounce off the undergrowth with it! Luckily, it's already a great spec chassis, with MIP CVDs, hard teflon shocks, and full bearings.
Lot came with a bonus of a MASSIVE pile of race wheels and tyres... seriously, this will save me HEAPS of cash when it comes to buying race / bash tyres, as I'm already done! Three pairs of unused wheels, two pairs of front wheels and tyres, and a massive TEN pairs of new rear wheels and tyres... plus a couple of extras too, because why not? :P
I have a complete set of electronics already set up and ready to be installed in this... the class specifies 17.5T motors, so that's what I have. Should be a relatively straightforward build, and then I can get started on working out whether I can drive again!
The other bonus.... getting this means I won't have to even consider running my 10Talk raffle truck... so that can stay on the shelf.... yay!

What a lot! Pure race chassis 1 No fat here! 2 All work. Purposeful front end 1 Well set up rear end Underside already protected 1 Look at all those wheels and tyres!

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Rc10T - the 10Talk Raffle truck!




This wont mean much to others here mate, but this v RJ’s SRT could be fun to watch, not sure I’ll be able to get there although I’d love too.



Would be great if you could make it, Kym.... although I think you may have my driving skills confused with someone who can actually drive, let alone around a track!
Will be a good meet nonetheless, and awesome if you could make it...



Always good to see something you sell end up in good hands, enjoy the truck and good luck at the bash. I'll miss it this year but I'm pretty sure we met last year.



Thanks Steezyjay, I'm looking forward to running it at the Bash, and having a blast!

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