Model: (Click to see more) 58172: Taisan Porsche 911 GT2
Status: New built
Date: 21-Sep-2023
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Since I'm a huge PORSCHE an LOTUS fan, I build another PORSCHE 911 GT2 in a really good looking GULF design.
I added some 4 piece special rims and tires and also I put on 2 exhausts like on my Street Version.

It is painted in the ORIGINAL GULF Colours, which I had specially ordered.

To make a nearly real look I added also some brakes discs with brake callipers and some light buckets with flashing indicators.

Also I shortened the rear wing with a Dremel because I don't like the big rear wing so much.

The only missing thing is a big GULF logo on the front trunk lid which I will get from in few days, thanks a lot to Mark Parnell for doing that special LOGO for me !!!

My next PORSCHE models are waiting, I will build th 45th years VAILLANT Edition and a PORSCHE 934 ROTHMANS Special version. Bodys, chassis, decals and rims with tires are waiting to be done :)

Hope you like the GULF and enjoy it.

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