Model: (Click to see more) 99988: Losi
Status: NIB
Date: 8-Nov-2023
Comments: 2
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One additional shock of the past Vintage Bash weekend was winning this little Losi in the raffle. Honestly, the weekend was just so good, so this was just icing on a very sweet cake!
Not sure what I'm going to do with this just yet.... it's a little bit too new, a little bit too nice.... a little bit too small, and a little bit too Losi! Guess it will sit for a while, before I work out it's next move.
Big thanks to the Vintage Bash gods for putting on the event and the raffle, and an even bigger thanks to Rob Casabene, who bought the raffle tickets - all I had to do was fill them out!

1 What's this? 1 A NIB??? 1 Completely ready to run, just add talent. Uh oh... 1 Looks nice in the blue paint scheme 1 1:16 version of the 1:10 original 1 Yep, a NIB Losi....




Man you need to buy a lotto ticket, you’ve done pretty well with raffles lately. These little buggy’s do intrigue me, would’ve much rather Ed they did this release in 1/10 scale, but still pretty cool for a “Losi” as you say LOL



Nice one well done what a cool little thing plus love the blue!

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