Model: (Click to see more) 99989: Schumacher
Status: Runner
Date: 10-Nov-2023
Comments: 1
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This is my Shotgun, built from parts I had sitting around, to run in the recent Vintage Bash 2 at the Knox, Victoria, Australia track.
I originally planned on running my newly-acquired T3, but there was always a longing to run what is closest to my heart - vintage Schumacher trucks. So, a few weeks before the event, I decided to try and build this truck up, knowing I had the T3 in reserve if it didn't work out.
The build proved longer than expected... one of the Pro shocks was pretty dodgy (had swallowed a few extra e-clips), I had to make up my own short LiPo mount from a Cat XLS lower chassis (to preserve the vintage original chassis holes), I wasn't sure how the servo would go (was installed back in 2008!), I didn't have a slipper, the motor I put aside to run in it seemed to break just as I wanted to test the truck, and I could not find a gear cover anywhere in my spares!
However, all issues were surpassed, and the truck made it to the starting line for first practice (Friday)... and then made it around the track without anything falling off or breaking. Success! Truck was taken back to the pits, and from there it sat until called for first qualifier (Saturday)... got around the track for about half the race, then a rear rose joint popped off. Put it back on and continued, but then it broke completely.... no matter, dragged the truck around for another two laps (rear wheel on a 45 degree angle!), made time, and then took it home for repairs!
Sunday dawned with replacement rear links in the rear (ball joints instead of rose joints, ripped straight from a Nitro 10), and the truck completed one more heat and a final without breakage or incident.... well, apart from incidents caused by the driver!
Great fun truck, although it could definitely use more steering..... and maybe more power!

Race truck Carbon effect Cline Hobbies sponsorship - thanks Bill! 1 Cirrus clear servo... installed in 2008 Home-made LiPo mount. Fully removable. How the body used to look, when it arrived. LiPo mount build parts Seems simple enough Works! Fits very well with shorty packs Not supposed to be in there! 1

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Great job mate, think I might need to try and get there next year

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