Model: (Click to see more) 58047: Hotshot
Status: Restored
Date: 12-Nov-2023
Comments: 5
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This is my early Mk1 Hotshot that I've recently finished restoring. It is nearly 100% original with the only new parts being tyres and MCI decals. It has all of the correct Mk1 identifiable parts such as the 3-hole bumper, single line front driveshafts, front hubs, front gearbox housing without the stiffening ribs, hex bumper mount held in with two screws rather than through bolted, e.t.c e.t.c. These have all been well documented here on TC by other members in the past. The car also has all the period correct and working radio gear, and mechanical speed controller. I have taken it out for a couple of light runs but that's it. Thanks for looking and comments always welcome.

1 1 Gearbox housing without later stiffening ribs 1 Early bumper mount 1 Original gold wheels 1 1 Early driveshafts with single line and early hubs 1 1 1 1 1 How it was always meant to look 1 1 1 1 1 1 1




Beautiful example Phil! That's a lovely looking HS and so cool its a Mk1.
Just love it!
Love the pics too mate!
I found your write up interesting to bud as l knew the Mk1 had 3 holes in the bumper and the difference with the drive shafts but the rest was new to me! Great stuff.



Oh boy, that is an absolute beauty and takes me back to my RC Guide Book that I used to study every night hoping, wishing and dreaming about getting my very own Tamiya one day. Great job on the resto



Thank you both for your comments. I got very lucky with this car as it looked pretty bad when I got it, but nothing was broken, and beyond the dirt, it had clearly seen little use. I've always wanted 'the one in the guide book' so I'm very happy to have one. If I could find an 8503 dated manual for the Hotshot with the 3-hole bumper I'd be even happier!



Wow Phil, that looks beautiful bud!! Hotshot is one of the most sexiest TAMIYA buggys. Looks too good to drive it, but maybe you'd keep the MK1, and if you can get the re-re, drive that one. Hotshot is just too good looking... Well done and enjoy it Phil!!



Thanks for your comment Ben. This is the rarer 3-hole bumper version only found on the very first Hotshots, not just any vintage Hotshot, so this won't get much use. I do have a re-re for running duties though. The Hotshot is such a beautiful car IMO. I think Tamiya really nailed the design! Cheers.

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