Model: (Click to see more) 58362: Top Force
Status: Runner
Date: 13-Nov-2023
Comments: 1
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Painted in gunmetal, not sure about the green stickers... Extras include hi-cap shocks, one way bearing, alu motor mount, DF-02 universal driveshafts all round, and a couple of mods I did myself like the front suspension arm strengthening bar. This replaces the standard bent piece of rod, which is too small in diameter and therefore causes too much play in the front wishbones. My solution was to attach two 3mm rods with a machined alu cross piece. It works well!
OK so it's only been driven around the car park with slick tires, but it goes like stink with the super stock motor and 2S lipo!





Some beautiful machining there mate! Again, the attention to detail and elegant solutions to problems are amazing!

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