Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Runner
Date: 15-Nov-2023
Comments: 2
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I have owned several series Land rivers over the years, and really i love them. So I was thrilled when I saw this scale kit this summer. It's from Boom Racing, and chassis build was easy, but the body was epic! There are many parts and full interior, and big areas to paint. In fact, it took almost six cans of Tamiya TS paint!! But I'm pleased with the result.

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That body is a extremely accurate copy of a Series 3. It looks fantastic. I used to have a Series 3 88' V8. It was a beast... I'll have to have a look at Boom Racing I think....

Dan j


Thanks! I also owned an 88’ V8!! Lots of fun to own and drive, but eventually the fuel consumption was painful as a daily driver, so I swapped it for a 2 1/4 diesel… I do believe Boom Racing do an 88’ too, check it out!

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