Model: (Click to see more) 58633: Blackfoot 2016
Status: New built
Date: 26-Nov-2023
Comments: 1
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Long time coming on this one. I bought this one in 1/2022 and built it. It sat unpainted till a month ago. I'm quick at building but the painting is what takes time as there is always too many models. Oh well, It's done. Stock esc, Traxxas 2075X servo, Spektrum SR215 receiver, and Lundsford turnbuckles on steering. Ampro steering knuckles. Added Monster Beetle wheels, FastEddy bearings. All stock including the diff. I do have a MIP ball diff for it if need be. Love the Blackfoot. Back in the late 80's though I raced a Kyosho Big Brute against these guys and always won. The Blackfoot always rolled over. I love the look of it though.

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Nice! Gold wheels look great on there. I love my Blackfoot, run it all the time.

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