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Status: Project
Date: 31-Dec-2023
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End of the year, end of two custom painted Minis.

My competition entry.

Tamiya and Frewer Mini bodies I painted.... not perfect, but came out okay.
- One on the left is a South African flag Mini. Painted for my in-laws, who are South African. This has since been sold, and hopefully the new owner likes having it on their shelf.
- One on the right is my Mad Max Pursuit Mini. Styled from the cars in the iconic original Mad Max movie. Yellow is a bit too orange, but other than that, came out okay. Painting those lines was plenty toil!

Decals with thanks to my good friend Willy, who sadly left us at the end of 2023.

While the South African Mini is no longer with me, the Mad Max Mini lives on a race-spec M03 chassis on my shelf... well, until I need to race it, anyway!

More pictures can be found on the Related Item link.

1 Great way to mark the end of 2023!

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And.... the bodies are done!




Very Cool!

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