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Date: 29-Jan-2024
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We all do crazy things and being a Tamiya collector is one of it. It's good to be passionate about something, anything. This hobby is as good as any to keep us off the streets or enjoying other worse off decadent pleasures in the world. So I do love what I do and yes I am passionate about Tamiya. And it isn't a bad thing!

I've been a collector for about 20 years. Although I have moved countries many times and the collection is a little bit scattered in different places, I still own most of what I have accumulated over the years and the collection is intact. I am now in Singapore and this is what I have with me here now.

It is a modest collection compared to many others. Since I now have some free time, I have time to curate it. Hence I made this Youtube video to share my experience in organising my collection and also as some eye-candy to the amount of beautiful cars Tamiya has released and re-released over the years.

Below are screenshots of the video. The full video can be found in the 'Movies' section of TamiyaClub. Or you can copy & paste this link to your browser:

Thank you if you did watch the video. Please do like, comment, share and subscribe to my Youtube channel for more video content like this.

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Nice collection, I will try catch your video soon



Hope you enjoy the video.

Mad Hopper


Nice, it's like your own shop!



I just watched your video. You have a great collection there, and it's nice to see how many kits you have stored and displayed in a small space



Thank you. The video is more a showcase of Tamiya releases / great box-art. It's like unwrapping Christmas presents all at once.

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