Model: (Click to see more) 99961: HPI
Status: Runner
Date: 1-Feb-2024
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Maverick is a second tier subsidiary of HPI racing.
The alternative colour to the red version.
This is my runner, before running my cars I'll examine the settings, set a base and start testing.

Reduced punch from 3 to 1
Brake force from 50% to 37.5%
Reverse speed from 50% to 25%
Auto lipo cut off up from 3.1v to 3.4v
(This worked well, car stopped at 3.78 volts)

These settings is what I normally do and I think they are fine for the buggy, the softer punch seems to show that I won't need skid bars on the body roof because it doesn't wheelie, so no wheelie bar needed as well!
The front shock setup from stock is too high, under braking it hardly dips so I have taken off all the preload ready for next test
The shocks are from the factory on the inner holes of the arms (the lower mounts), if the adj is not enough I may also move them to the outer holes
Steering servo is merely ok, it does the job, very average compared to higher end models.
The esc has a 7.4v setting, I will look to upgrade to a high voltage, higher torque servo sometime, I can tell it will drive even nicer with a better servo.

The radio gear seems slightly soft, it's reactions (much like the servo) are not as sharp as my more expensive radio gear.
Under full acceleration it slightly lifts a front wheel but it never flipped, very stable but bounds along feeling lighter than alloy chassis buggies.

UPDATE 01/02/2024
Corally HV 25kg servo installed with an alloy servo horn which also allows the servo arm to be more level

UPDATE 18/02/2024
Finished installing the alloy shock bodies all around
These are the silver type, there are also black versions.
The oil feels slightly stiff so replaced with 40wt
The rear being heavier retains the original placement with a 5mm preload, but the fronts are on the outer holes at the lower mounting with no preload, this will allow more adjustment if needed
The esc setting for the servo has been updated from 6v to 7.4v although this new servo seemed quick on 6v compared to factory one....more tests to continue

UPDATE 23/02/2024
The centre diff had a chassis shim missing, so installed a replacement today. This enabled the centre diff to run straight rather than slightly tilted.
Ordered a wheelie bar and upgraded wing setup.
Found my spare spektrum receivers so installed one to replace the maverick setup to reduce the number of separate controllers.
Drilled an access hole for the servo horn to simplify adjustments.

UPDATE 25/02/2024
Today a rear wheelie bar installed and the HD rear wing mount.

1 Stock shock bodies are plastic Alloy servo horn New wing mount and wheelie bar Drive shafts more level now than stock 4mm access hole to allow easy adjustments

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