Model: (Click to see more) 99955: FTX
Status: Runner
Date: 2-Feb-2024
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I finally purchased a DR8, after wanting one for quite some time. It is a 6s Desert Racer (hence the DR) and fits into my car collection very well.

I have to start by saying this buggy is MUCH better in real life than in photos. It looks fabulous, good enough to purchase just because of how it looks IMO

If you do some research on this buggy, it does garner some very good reviews (performance and value for money being its' strengths)

I think FTX has done very well with this one, and even though I haven't driven it yet, it has a very similar geometry and weight distribution as my Team Magic 4Seths (and looks very similar to them) I love my 4Seths so I am sure you can guess that I also love my new DR8!

As the 4Seths are 4s the DR8 is a natural progression for me. 6s performance is very good in most designs, and my Radix 6 doesn't disappoint. I am looking forward to driving this one soon.

The light bars look brill as well! 10/10 FTX....a nice addition to my fleet!

UPDATE : 25/02/24 This drives very well indeed for a buggy at this price point. VERY fast.....and lovely smooth handling. I did a few small jumps today and it is very planted....always landing on the wheels. It seems very nicely balanced in the air! So glad I got this. If you are considering one, I would say just do it. A lovely addition to my RTR driving fleet.

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