Model: (Click to see more) 99977: 3Racing
Status: Project
Date: 5-Feb-2024
Comments: 1
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Picked this up over the weekend for a STEAL!

Chassis is in pretty nice condition, and has some upgraded alloy parts, and a very nice set of shocks.
Currently in dry dock, having a servo and a 13T sensorless Mini racing brushless rig added. Need to lash out on a new spur gear, but hopefully nothing else.
Came with three bodies and some useful spare parts. Not sure yet which body will end up on this... may try to install the S2 RX7 body I have on it, as it should be low enough in the nose.

UPDATE Feb 26th: Finally finished putting gear into this, and with standard gearing, this is so much racier than the M03 and M05 Minis I have previously run.... and MUCH faster! Just up and down the driveway, this thing HAMMERS!

Also decided to use this old McLaren GTR F1 body I have had sitting around for ages.... looks okay on the chassis, so now I need to give it a clean, and work out a paint scheme!

Nice cheap lot Sparse chassis, but don't be fooled. Not had much use Nice shocks, unis, ball diff Alloy uprights in the rear too Bodies are *usable*... will get used somewhere Spare parts for older cars are always good! Race-ready chassis Standard gearing McLaren GTR F1 body will have to do Racey As low as I can get the body...




I ordered one of these from Hearns a couple years ago, long story short, stock levels weren’t correct and ended up with a belt drive 4wd version. Cool thing thats for sure. Enjoy this one mate

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