Model: (Click to see more) 99998: Kyosho
Status: Project
Date: 19-Feb-2024
Comments: 1
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Now this is big!

My good buddy Jason sent this down to me. When he said he was sending it, I was expecting a 'normal' sized touring car... didn't quite twig that it was a Super Ten! These things are quite big compared to the TT01s and 'normal' touring cars I usually play with!

This thing is pretty nice spec too, with the optional 2-speed fitted as well as a tuned pipe. Engine is a GT15S-CR, which I haven't heard of before... so that will take some work.

Chassis features some very cool looking suspension engineering... looks very rugged too. Sadly, the instructions say there are bushes rather than bearings in the hubs and steering, although the rest of the drive line is apparently ballraced already. Might have to hit my 1050 bearing stock.

Body is a McLaren BMW F-1 GTR, and has quite a presence.. Sadly, it's been attacked with scissors quite a bit. Might see if I have something in the shed that fits.

This should be a cool (not so) little project.... if I can stop myself from selling it first!

This should be fun! All that arrived Big body Nice chassis No use Very clean, and a 2-speed! Front end is solid Rear end is BEEFY This is the dribbly oily bit...



Definitely you got a masterpiece of the rc engineering. You can go straight with the stock 0.15 engine or you can chose a current version. The crankshaft might be. a challenge. This car es amazing, I have three of them. Give it a try with same stock engine or get a new one on eBay with better specs, but keeping the same type of crankshaft and a small block. If you can get slick tires for those rims then you will better manage high speed at full if you have access to a track of good size. Once you enjoy that feature give it a chance to jump to a .12 or .15 small block that can give you anything above 1.4 hp and 41,000 pm.

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