Model: (Click to see more) 58719: BBX
Status: New built
Date: 17-Mar-2024
Comments: 4
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Really enjoyed building this model. Hex head screws was a nice change from JIS screws. Tastefully upgraded with gear diff, slipper, alum damper brace etc. fitted with Xerun 13.5t Justock combo.
Paint is PS-14 Copper backed with PS-5 black. Lower pods and roof also in PS-5 black. Seems that this model lends itself to non box art schemes as I have not yet seem a colour combo I do not like.
Sharpie Medium Point Water Based Paint Marker used to detail the tyres. Wheels were de-chromed, dyed black and then wheel face painted flat black as there were some patches where the dye did not take.

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Very nice paint scheme, well thought out! Like the dechromed wheels!



I'm loving this - some beautiful little touches - definitely one of my favourites so far!
Great work mate!



Very great color combination... makes me want a second BBX . Also thanks for sharing your experience of dyeing after dechrome.



Shweeeeet, they seem have a great retro but modern vibe to them.

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