Model: (Click to see more) 58006: Martini Porsche 936 Turbo
Status: NIB
Date: 25-Mar-2024
Comments: 3
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I had had this model for about 4 years before deciding to build it..knowing it was going to be a lengthy process due to the added detail. I have been away from the Tamiya Club site for about 8-10 years so being back, this is my first add since that time. Don't have the time I used to have...busy life without the free time I had in the past. With this 936, I wanted to do two things...add mirrors to the fenders and somehow give the wheels a different look as I feel the original look is boring to the model...I used some extra 934 static kit wheels and extracted the spokes..this took quite awhile before I came across a comfortable, consistent way to do so .I used tires from the new 934 static kit..they are much more beefy and look great. For the mirrors I bought an RC helicopter wing as it was about the the right look and size with aerodynamics from which to extract 2 posts...then that set around for a couple months before I got the courage to proceed. Worked out really well with good measurements and very little putty involved. Finding the original decals is not impossible...but finding ones that aren't yellow is a rare find...and super opted with the body set decals which done properly, work pretty well..they don't have the dunlop and shell logos which I was able to find eventually. I used black vinyl for the body lines and a 935 dash decals for the driver's met my expectations and being exceptionally clean and of my favorites.

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Absolutely awesome work! Great attention to all these little details! Huge respect!!!



Thank you very much!...



That is simply an awesome build. I love what you did with the mirors. Decals are spot on also. congrats.

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