Model: (Click to see more) 58009: Toyota Celica LB Turbo
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Mar-2024
Comments: 3
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Had this project a long time. Almost sold it at one point as I didn't have the time to work it up...but luckily I decided to move forward with it. I had purchased the original body kit then rounded up the chassis parts and original items. Honestly didn't cost too much at the time..about 9 years ago. Good luck with that cost now...I completed this about 5 years ago...but just now sharing. The original decals...they are matte in appearance as well as a bit as far the any white striping I used adhesive-backed airplane skin. Nice and solid. These bodies and detail take a lot of time. This is a shelf queen, never to be driven by me..that being said this body is fragile as I didn't use big globs of glue to fit the pieces together like I would have as a child for durability. The windows do not fit well and adjustments as well as epoxy was the key to fitting them in place..but...the outside finish is great and is a beautiful model.

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Stunning! I have one laying around for over 20 years. Waiting for my skills to improve ...



very nice work there, reminds me I must finish off mine.



Wow, awesome job! Great looking car!

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