Model: (Click to see more) 58006: Martini Porsche 936 Turbo
Status: Project
Date: 20-Jun-2024
Comments: 3
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This car always fascinated me. It is the essence of a driving machine. Power, no weight, The driver feet in front of the front axle and no roof. Pure fun to drive it.

You cannot find any professional RC versions of this car. The only is a German brand which had a cable controlled version with a lousy body.
Tamiya made a later version of this car with the 58003 model, the 908/3 version with the large air intake and the rear winglets, which Porsche added later n the real car to give it more high speed stability.

I prefer the flat version which declassified all competitiors, and forced race associations to change the rules so that this car could only race one season - winning all races. A knockoff version of this car was bulit fo hill climb races only, The famous 909.

Back to business:

1. Body and interiours
- Carrera Structo 1/12 body heavily modified.
- Engine mockup self made with custom metal etched parts
- F1 1/12 Driver with custom seat belts
- Cockpit self made with intrument cluster of the static Tamiya Porsche 934 1/12
- Windshield cut from PE bottle neck
- Gulf Livery from Belgian Decal supplier
- Paint self mixed and airbrushed, Decals under 2K clear coat
- Roll bar from brass, chromed with Japanese chrome powder paint
- Hidden body mounts
- Fuel tank lids self made form alloy

2. Chassis:
- ABC hobby genetic 1/12 4WD chassis modified to 2WD
- Suspension linkages, damper length shortened, suspension mounts lowered to perfectly fit the very low profile body
- Front tires on F1 rims with 1/12 Tamiya static kit front rubbers
- Rear rims and rubber from 1/10 F2000 kit
- Alloy custom valve stems
- Custom front spoiler lip (Carbon)

3. Electrics:
- Shorty battery 2s 6000mAh
- Fysky NB4+ radio
- Hitec servo
- Hobbywing brushless combo

I hope you like it...

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Absolutely fantastic! I love these open-cockpit cars, and I wish someone would do a few RC versions (or at least that Tamiya did a rere 58003).



This looks so cool and you made such good use of this old structo Chassis. The Body of your car is really eyecatching with the flat surface i like it!!!



It looks stunning, you did a great job on everything! Congrats. Is the car going to see any action?

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