Model: (Click to see more) 58163: Rover Mini Cooper Rally
Status: NIB
Date: 20-Jun-2024
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After selling the body shell that originally came with this purchase and I replaced it with a NIB bought off eBay.
It was sealed in it's bag, brand new and very shiny...and very expensive!
I took a deep breath, spent hours masking it up carefully and set to work!
I love the results! It was the first truly brand new Monte Shell I've ever owned and oh so shiny!
I left the lights clear and filled the insides with some front lenses I had in the spares box and 3D printed some rear lenses a friend sent me. I also designed 3D badges and handles for the outside.
My constant searching for Hop Ups was rewarded with a Tech Racing Roll Bar set, something I had wanted ever since I starting collecting Minis. I also bought an M-01 chassis that had just about every Hop Up option available and am currently moving these across to make my ultimate Monte Mini.

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Outstanding model, great work! Like the rear lights and the roll cage!

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