Model: (Click to see more) 58149: Rover Mini Cooper
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Jun-2024
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I picked up a stash of rough looking Minis and this was one of them. They had the wrong coloured bodies to go with the stickers used and the wheels were cracked along with a few other signs of serious fun for someone!
I love restoring these rare little Minis so I delved into the parts bin to see what I could find to bring them back to a standard that would suit a shelf.
I stripped it of it's stickers, sold the Monte Spotlights and grille to generate some cash and gave the shell a good clean.
One of the kits came with unused window screen stickers so I fitted them along with bonnet stripes and badges.
I had some new grey wheels and a set of used bumpers to make it look box art.
I treated it to a chassis rebuild and it was ready for a new owner!

How it arrived!

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