Model: (Click to see more) 58149: Rover Mini Cooper
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Jun-2024
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I bought this one off Facebook after seeing it for sale for a while. The price kept dropping to the point where I couldn't understand why it hadn't sold, so I made a low ball offer and waited for delivery.
It looked a bit tired but overall was a nice little Mini which again I could make great again by dipping into the spares bin.
I did the usual chassis refresh but this time treated it to a brand new set of chrome plated Monte wheels.
It had the rare window frame stickers in place but needed new bonnet stripes and I polished out some scratches on the body using very fine sand paper. I sprayed the mirrors and cleaned up the roof line with black trim sprayed through an airbrush.
I love this BRG Minis and it was hard to let it go. I hope it's new owner enjoys it for years to come!

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