Model: (Click to see more) 58158: Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Jun-2024
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I'm always looking for Tamiya M-01 Chassis parts for my spares bin, but of course now and then an M-02 shows up.
It's basically the same kit just built differently, but as it doesn't carry the price tag of the Mini Cooper some real bargains could be had.
This purchase was an original Abarth TCR, a new body, wheels and another chassis set for under  £100.
All I needed to get this little beauty restored was my usual chassis rebuild and to steal some decals from one of the new sticker sheets. I decided to spray the wheels in Alclad aluminium whilst I was at it.
I love the way it sits which did require a bit of tweaking with the dampers.
I've a NIB one of these to finish and every time I look at these pictures it inspires me to get on with it!




outstanding look i love it!!!

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