Model: (Click to see more) 58034: Super Champ
Status: Restored
Date: 25-Jun-2024
Comments: 5
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My dad gave me a Super Champ for my 13th birthday to get me started in the great hobby. Unfortunately, the car got lost at some point, but I always wanted to get one back.
Finally I found a cheap, rough looking but fairly complete car on Ebay and enjoyed rebuilding it :)
I was fortunate enough to have a friend who likes painting and he took care of Al Ernat for me!

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Great job on the resto mate! The Super Champ has to be right up there if not the best looking baja style buggy tamiya have made! Yes the Rough Rider, Sand Scorcher and Wild One for example are in the mix but the Champ is so unique with that oil bottle and mono shock set up plus l just dig the overall Baja looks of this buggy!



Beautiful resto work and the driver paint is perfection. I remember this one myself tearing across the lawn for the first time.



Yes ! Great job on the resto !!!
Paint job on the wheels too ??



Thanks for the kind words!
Wheels have alloy covers on them



Hi - I’m just restoring my own superchamp my dad bought me when I was about 11 - so my son can use it. I’m struggling to find steering parts as one of the front wheels keeps popping off! Apart from that this car is still so much fun!

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