Model: (Click to see more) 58309: Twin Detonator
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Jun-2024
Comments: 5
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Hi guys, l took my Twin Detonator down the beach at last and BOOM!!!! what a blast this thing is! its absolute fun! fun! fun! This ain't no shelf queen! This runs a little like the Clod in ways, it obviously has the twin motors like the Clod, but it just keeps going over everything in its way too, even the softest deep sand, and the suspension is such fun in a slightly bouncy way! No oil shocks of course! the bigger wheels that l added, give it even more capability!
The WR-01 is an outstanding chassis. it's tough and so far proven to be very reliable! what a fun tamiya! these are not fast but that's the point!
Can't wait to go again now! thanks for looking cheers, James.

2 Tamiya Twin Detonator 2 Boom!!!! 1 Eats up the soft sand! 2 Such a fun truck! 1 More air time! 2 Definitely in its element! 1 I love this! Such a blast to drive! 2 Awesome play ground too! 1 Landing a jump! 3 Neo Fighter buggy came out for some fun too!




Thank you for this little Holiday on the Beach, makes me do this with my Clod Buster too. Very nice to see the Twin Detonator in Action, looks very good for this!

HornetRacer 1971


Some great photos there James! You do have a lot of fun on that beach mate! 'More Air Time' photo is fantastic! Get it printed and framed and put on your



Hello MAD-BEE ! Nice run. Lucky man ?? and this beach is beautiful



Thanks guys.



Standard spec or a bit hopped up!?

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