Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: NIB
Date: 4-Jul-2024
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Rlaarlo's first speed car release.

This version is the alloy chassis version
This will mainly be a shelfer, I have swapped with the carbon version, the following items
LED lights (alloy version has just lights on, carbon has a built in light kit for indicators and brakes etc)
Alloy disc brakes (alloy has only hex adaptors)
Alloy wheels (alloy has plastic wheels)

I have also swapped the bodies, so this alloy version has the upgraded body with attached fan.

I have done this because the carbon version will be a single motor runner.

I never intended to purchase the first release but it was on sale.

The spec is now...
Upgraded body with fan
Upgraded functional LEDs
Hopup 52t spur gear installed
Hopup 40t pinion installed
60amp 2-3s lipo compatible ESC
ESC connector changed to ec3
3650 sized 4300kv brushless motor
Alloy disc brakes hex adaptors
Alloy wheels
Hopup sliding motor mount installed.

Looks great, this version had good quality control, no issues found

Exhaust, brake and indicator lights

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