Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: Extra info
Date: 6-Oct-2003
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I have been testing and refining my monster Sand Scorcher project. This session was to tune the CVA shocks which I have now achieved, the articulation photos were not setup, the car did drive onto the brick itself! Rear is Long CVA units with spacers and short HD coils. This gives a near zero camber at rest and provides very supple rear end. Fronts are standard short CVA's with no spacers and a soft coil. Next to change is the steering. The whole original system will be scrapped and a new Futaba ball raced servo mounted up front with steering rods direct from servo to wheel which will overcome the pathetic turning circle and 'play' in the current system.

Front suspension travel Rear sus travel at speed (well as fast as 3kg will go...) Not even locked rear end will get up 1 in 1 with a little bit more speed... which ends up like this OUCH!




bold new aproach here mate! keeps us posted on the pioneering work!



The only thing missing in order to complete this madness is a original Sand Scorcher Body painted red with Monster Beetle decals.



Cheers for comments guys, Actually I have a new lexan beetle shell to fit this, just in process of painting it original blue/white scheme.

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