Model: (Click to see more) 99990: Event/Action Photos
Status: Other
Date: 9-Nov-2003
Comments: 17
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met up with craig4568,moosey,tipsy,and craig brother-in-law(i think??) for a good thrash today. didnt get many photos, just these and a few others. the last 3 photos were taken while pausing the films on the computer, hence the crap quality. but you should get the idea of how fast the truck was going and the abuse the mini got! the mini must have been hit at least 40 times by the truck, and they werent even at full speed. sometimes the mini would get trapped underneath the truck and end up being dragged along the tarmac for about 30 metres. the truck got no damage apart from a few bits of lexan missing from the front bumper, the mini will never run again. i think i'll tape the shell up again from the inside , re-attach the rear body mount and tidy the car up, then do it all again :) the second to last picture is reminiscent of films you see, where a car is on train tracks and the train is about to hit it...brilliant!

early on, after only a few hits.... the end result looks vulnerable.... nearly.....truck isnt even at full speed..... we have lift off..the white blur is the mini




That is just plain cruel, LOL... remind me never to come and race my cars with you lot about.



Sorry mate, but don't like it at all, hope it won't start people to imitate and make here a kind of MTV Jackass...





pics turned out well nice to meet you guys shame about that wee mini



I don't really like this sort of thing. I can't see what the point (let alone the 'fun') is, to ru(i)n your cars with the intention of destroying them. I'm glad my Mini has a better home. Personally this is not my taste. The cars deserve better IMHO. Cheers.



Whoops on that last post Reminds me of public school when evryones cars went home in a bag. You oughta make the mini run again though for some top speed head on colisions, and mabey a video next time.By the way, what kind of truck??



best use of a Mini I have seen.....



LMAO class job joe. Shame it was on a mini though . Any way mate dont worry bout the negative comments seems like most people like em.
I await another bashing , but please make it an BMW mini



Very nasty Very neat. That's some wreck. Any chance of a photo of the truck against the mini for comparison? The truck sounds -big-



Man, that looks too cool! I wish that I was there for some of the action! Thanks for posting the pics!


What a complete WASTE! I don't see the fun in bashing up a great car like the mini. If it would be a Nikko, go ahead, but DON'T BASH A TAMIYA!!!


That’s the funniest thing I have seen for ages!!!!


id also like to see them next to each other for a size comparison. Seeing as you set a mini on fire and it still worked, i am surprised this one doesnt run!(not)


I don't see what peoples problem is with this. It's just a 'M' chassis, and they were crappy anyway....No-one seemed to complain when other people burn theirs to win a compitition. I've I could easily say it's sad that so many people buy great Tamiya kits and never build them! I think that Tamiya's were made to have fun with and that's what it's all about. Well done mate



sick man sick! that was.



how could u do somthin lyk that to a mini
i woulda taken knifes and atached them to my mini and ram that other that be funny i gotta try that



this is rediculis and i love it

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