Model: (Click to see more) 58060: Monster Beetle
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Date: 12-Nov-2003
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on 31 october 2003 I've bought this Monster Beetle on the German eBay. I wanted to have a Monster Beetle runner and it looked perfect for the job. The paint job wasn't to great but it seemed to be complete and it was an original body with the original nose cone and headlights.

On 12 november 2003 it arrived and after a first inspection I noticed that except for the front wheels it had ball bearings all around. A second nice surprise was that the body was the original white one. It has some small repairs but nothing to serious. So now I'm doubting, should I restore this body and use an aftermarket lexan to drive the Monster Beetle, or should I just ignore that it's an original and use it for the runner?

I'm tempted to restore it but I never stripped the paint of a body... I could also sell it to someone who wants an original.... mmm don't know what to do, for the moment I'll leave it like it is, maybe an opportunity will show up.

In the pictures the green seems clearer then in reality, probably due to the flash.

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