Model: (Click to see more) 58048: Toyota 4x4 Pickup Bruiser
Status: Restored
Date: 15-Nov-2003
Comments: 8
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This Bruiser was bought some time ago in very poor condition. The last photo in this showroom shows how I found the Bruiser. Chassis was rusty and the aluminium parts were in a rough state.
Body was completely wrecked with many parts missing.
Restoration began with a total strip down of parts.
All steel parts were cleaned up with wire wool to remove rust deposits and sent away for Clear Zinc Plating. Aluminium parts were sent away for Clear Anodizing.
Then a list of missing parts, screws, and any broken parts that needed to be found.
Ebay was the answer, even an old used Body was found in Canada. This task lasted about 10 months.
Chassis restoration went well, all old bearings were replaced with new sealed bearings throughout and 3 Channel Radio was fitted and tested.
Bodywork was stripped, all cracks and scratches were filled and smoothed flat. The right rear corner of the rear body was missing so this had to be re made with plasticard and filler. All this was sprayed with Primer to show any defects . When dry Body was sprayed Dark Blue and left to dry. Decals supplied by Chris at Tamiyaclub are now applied to the Body and these went on like a dream.
The Body was finaly treated to a Clear Coat sprayed over the entire Body. Once dry this was cut back and polished to a mirror finish.
All that was needed to complete was to add all the final parts and complete the build. I also added a Tamiya Lighting Kit to the Bruiser.
The lettering on the tailgate was finished in Gold.
Well this one took a long time to finish, but it was worth it . I hope the pictures do justice to it.

1 Bruiser before restoration



A beatiful job. All the more amazing when you describe all the hard work. Would be interesting to see some 'before' photo's, but if your like me there are'nt any!!!...



WOW truely stunning, that was 10 months well spent. Do you intend on running it or is the radio just part of the resto?



Once again a fantastic restoration!! Al ways a joy to see your cars!!



You are making the categories break down, as your 'restorations' are better than most new builts, simply stunning, makes me just feel as a real beginner! Keep up the great work!



I keep coming back to this truck to get some inspiration before starting work my Bruiser - it's just amazing! That is Hog Heaven!



nice job



What a heap of junk! I've seen this truck 'in the flesh' and it's crap, looks like a 5 year old painted it!

rad22rad Alloys


Thats the best comment i've ever had

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