Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 27-Nov-2003
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This is my Baby. My first Tamiya. It is still in excellent condition and does not get out much these days. I got the Grasshopper soon after this one and used that for most of the rough stuff. I made a PVC 'cover' for this one for use when things got rough so the body is just about mint. A few years ago I thought the black body and yellow wheels looked pretty naff so I gave it a new paint job and got rid of those nasty stickers! (well they were coming off anyway). I did the same to the 'spares' truck (which is in similar condition) and painted that one metallic green. I still think this looks pretty good although I should do more detailing on it.

This is almost stock standard. The motor is a 540RS Black Motor Sprint and it has been ball raced. The rear body mount has been modified to make it a little more robust and to make mounting the PVC cover easier. Everything else is original.

The cover for rough running

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Nice one...i've started a Blackfoot s.i.g.
would you like to join because i like your Blackfoot very much!!!

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