Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 30-Nov-2003
Comments: 1
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This one was bought as a 'parts' car for the blue one. Since it was in near pefect condition I just kept it as-is. This one still has the original body mounts (unlike the blue one), but has been upgraded to a Sport Tuned motor and is ball-raced. While I was going beserk with the spray cans I attacked this one as well in a lovely metallic green.

As with the blue one - this one doesn't get out much these days. I have a Mud Blaster and a Monster Beetle to thrash around with when I want to play with this type of car!

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the green beetle


nice one,i 've started a s.i.g. for blackfoots,i like yours very much would like to join??

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