Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
Status: Project
Date: 8-Dec-2003
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I got this one years ago to use for parts for my Pumpkin. The body was painted a lovely matt chocolate brown, the chrome had been hand-painted silver and the windscreen had been blacked out and had a large crack which had been repaired with fibreglass stuff. The most interesting thing was that it had a crack up one of the A pillars that had been repaired by drilling tiny holes and stitching it up with copper wire!

I tossed the body aside and removed the parts I needed (front suspension mostly). The rest got tossed on the box with the body.

A few years ago I needed a toy for my 2 year-old to play with so I ressurected the chassis and - since I thought the body was pretty ugly - I made a 'Landrover' body out of PVC sheet, added a few LEDs and bolted it on (see the 'LunchRover' in my showroom). My son thought the old brown body was a good plaything afterall so I let him have that as well!

Well, a couple of years ago I decided to get back into RC and found out what a new Lunchbox body was going to cost! I retrieved the body (stole it back off the kids!) and put together another chassis from all the other spare parts I had (I think the kids are going to keep the Landrover). Then I started attacking the body with all sorts of toxic chemicals - brake fluid, oven cleaner even paint stripper! There is about 5 layers of all different types of paint on this thing. Every so often I have a go at a bit more and you can see that it now looks beautiful.

I have new chrome and glass for it and a new decal set, but do I have enough time and patience?

Beautiful At least the quarterlight pillars are still there Chocolate Box Eeeeeeyaaarrrg!


Crash Cramer


You know you could always turn it into the Junkyard Dog Monster truck. HA LOL

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