Model: (Click to see more) 58079: Egress
Status: Runner
Date: 23-Dec-2003
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This is a recent addition to the collection and completes the set of this type of car (Avante type). I love the colour scheme with those yellow tyres (unfortunately they are dried and cracked) and the creative re-interpretation of the decals (although I think Hairy Ogre makes for a better driver name than Fuzzy Lynn!). It is in excellent condition and the only thing missing was the undercowl, but I have managed to pick one of those up. I haven't had a chance to run this yet and I'm not going to run it on those tyres. It is set up with a Dynatech 01R (same as my Avante) and has a Futaba MC112B ESC (same as both my Avante and Avante2001) so it will be interesting to compare the performance of this against the Avante.
Not bad for US$110.

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